Soul Eater – 03

Episode 04 – “The Perfect Boy?: Death The Kid’s Magnificent Mission?”
“Kanpeki naru Shōnen? ~Desu Za Kiddo no Karei naru Misshon?~” (完璧なる少年? ~デス・ザ・キッドの華麗なるミッション?~)

Death The Kid is a perfectionist. He loves symmetrical objects, places, and even posings.. He and his twin guns, the Thompson sisters are sent on a mission to a pyramid where a witch is hiding. However, the witch is sacrificed whilst summoning a pharaoh. Inside the pyramid, Patty and Liz are cautious about the surroundings whilst Kid is infatuated by the perfect symmetry of the architecture. They encounter a group of mummies, but Kid abandons Patty and Liz to investigate a possible tilt of a picture back home, leaving them to fight for themselves. Kid went back but nothings wrong and its just his imagination. So on his return, they encounter the pharaoh who causes critical damage to Kid, but he refuses to fight back due to the perfect symmetry of the sarcophagus. The pharaoh comes out in his final form to finish the job, Kid notices it is no longer symmetrical and defeats it. Unfortunately he also wrecks the pyramid in the process and Shinigami confiscates all his souls.


This is my most favorite among all the prologue episodes, not because of Death the Kid only but because its mixed with comedy, action, blood and Mamoru Miyano!! Lol.. He does such a great job on voicing him. he fits on Kid’s mood swings and Death the Kid’s character really reminds me of Tamaki from Ouran, which is also voiced by Mamoru Miyano.. PLUS the symmetry-obsession is totally new! Death the Kid


1 Response to “Soul Eater – 03”

  1. 1 tsuruya June 15, 2008 at 3:58 am

    death the kid owns the 3 prologue episodes by landslide! he’s so cool… well, except for that mental illness XD

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