SA ~Special A~ 05 – Festival/Contest

Its so cool being a filthy rotten rich kid, right?


The SA and the student council challenges each other for the upcoming school festival. Kei and Hikari got up into a heated argument which makes Hikari join the student council. Being her best friend, Akira also followed Hikari on the student council…

The other members of SA felt that Kei doesn’t need them since he always does things on his own so they just let him alone. Hikari noticed it on Kei so she confronted him, telling him that its not fun to do things alone. In the end, Kei finally asks for help and the SA worked together with the student council for the festival.


This episode is quite good and its gotten interesting again. I really like Akira bacause she’s such a good friend but I’m feeling a bit of yuri-ness in her. The threesome of Jun-Ryuu-Megumi is also cute and I hope that they should show more background on them. About Kei working alone, I think its not bad because he really has talents. In real life, I think working alone is better than working with people you don’t wanna work with right?


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