SA ~Special A~ 12: High Fever/Passion

SA is getting doki-doki now!

[Click screencaps to view full size]


LOL. Kei is getting all rabu-dabu with the ice queen brickhead Hikari but Hikari didn’t even feel a hint that Kei is really in love with her… She’s officially one of the stupidest anime character I’ve ever watched. I still don’t know if I would continue with this series or drop it and replace it with Nogizaka Haruka for my comedy-romance dosage. Anyway, SA is getting better and better every week IMO but it is still not enough for my anticipation of watching/blogging it…

Random Question: Do you think SA is one of the few better shows of GONZO or is it one of the many lame shows of them?


1 Response to “SA ~Special A~ 12: High Fever/Passion”

  1. 1 Llora-chan July 5, 2008 at 10:05 pm

    I think the reason that Hikari-chan doesn’t notice Kei-kun’s feelings is because:
    Thoughout her whole life, Hikari-chan has been focusing on just beating Kei-kun because he keeps winning everything. So, Hikari-chan uses up all her energy on just winning. If anything, Hikari-chan, realizes there’s something different now, but she can’t figure it out because he’s never acted that way or because she really is too focused that she thinks that the only thing he’s trying to do is throw her off the game.
    Yeah, something like that. It’s really hard to put it into words.

    But I bet Kei-kun’s gonna say something like: Hikari, …you are no. 1 to me. ❤
    And then it kinda works out because Kei-kun is Hikari-chan’s no. 1, too. (But her no. 1 has a different meaning.)
    WoW~ I typed a lot. Oh well.

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