Anime’s Next Top Model: 1st Deliberation

Anime’s Next Top Model 01: The Girls Go To School ELIMINATIONS!

It’s time for deliberation!!! Now, besides from you, you, and you who are voting and commenting on the girls, what any other competition would be like without your judges?! So now I’ll introduce to you the most expert, bitchiest and modelesque (ooo I really like that word) judges!!!


Rima Touya Taking a break for Vampire Knight, this classy and haughty vampire top model knows which ones are fab and which ones are yawn-tastic. Shiki not included.

Yukari – This supermodel from Paradise Kiss already knows what is on the modelling world so she has a strict observation for every photo for she is a true expert.

Death the Kid Speaking of experts, this sexy guy from Soul Eater has a keen eye on almost everything especially on bipolar symmetry. The girls should beware of his comments!!!

Akira Kogami This deep voiced, violent, chain-smoking, selfish-cynic of a burnt out entertainer on the brink of becoming a has-been girl had been fired from the Lucky Channel. After founding her on the dark alleys, we offered her a job to judge the models of Anime-NTM!

Now it’s time for the call-outs!

Photobucket1 – AI ENMA

Rima So. Emo.

Yukari This girl has great potential. Even though I see her with that height and stature, her face is very high-fashion. Her pose is somewhat melodramatic and her eyes were piercing to the heart. I think this photo is the best of the bunch.

Kid OMGWTFWTFWTF!!! This is almost symmetrical! She should have just adjusted her arm a little!!! It’s the photographer’s fault!!! He should aligned her symmetrically to the glass!!!

AkiraSo this is the first call-out?! She looks like a raped 7-year old which is askin for help on the streets!

Photobucket2 – CC

Rima – Nice booty tooch…

Yukari I’m seeing her more as a high-fashion model too! The only thing that matters to me is her facial expression which highly deflects the photograph. She shouldn’t have happy or cheerful than being rather lonely. Her expression contrasts her hair color.

Kid The wind made her fcuking hair messed up… WHICH IS SO NOT SYMMETRICAAALL!!! Maybe she should put her both arms on her skirt in a diamond-form so that it would be perfect!

Akira A panty-shot would made her the first call-out.

Photobucket3 – HARUHI

Rima *points to the picture* – Raped girl?

Yukari Oh my god this was totally messed up at all but I think this makes a very fine editorial shot. Her position of legs are nice but the thing bad about is her overall messed-up style. Anyway, she has perfect close-up smile.

Kid G’DDAMN THIS PHOTO!!! It’s SO NOT SYMMETRICAL AT ALL!!!! GDDAMN IT!!! GDDAMN THIS ONE!!!!! Oh wait, she’s a ‘God’… I STILL DON’T CARE! I’m the son of the Death God so what?!

Akira Well, an another raped schoolgirl… She looks like she is pooping the world and she looks like a transvestite. And what is she saying? “I am a big whore” or somethin’?

Chii School4 – CHII

Rima *yawns*

Yukari This is an absolute fashion shot. The camera loves this girl. I’m looking forward on seeing more photos to her portfolio.

Kid leaves with a letter saying: “I’m sorry but I have to go now. My mind had been distracted because I can’t stop thinking if the toilet paper on the right side of the bathroom is properly folded…again.

Akira This chobitch looks robotic. Oh wait, she’s a robot…

Photobucket5 – EVE

Rima I look like her.

Yukari This is quite an amateur shot. But I think she’s quite cute so I think she’ll get far from the competition via votes. She need to practice more on posing, since he has a great face and has the potential to be high fashioned.

Akira She’s CUTE?!? F*ck YOU Yukari!!! I’m the cutest anime character ever invented!!! RRRAAARRGGHHH!!! I can’t believe it! Somebody said cute to someone other than me!!!!!!

Photobucket6 – KONATA

Rima – Glasses.f.t.w.

Yukari She sells the outfit very well but the only thing that bothers me is her height. I hope she could still stand out from the rest. You go girl!!!

Akira Konata, konata, konata….. HMPH! You stole the lead role of Lucky Star from me!!! HOW DARE YOU!!! My pink hair is wwaaaaaayyyy better than your blue ones!!! One Day! I repeat.. ONE DAY!!! I will overcome your popularity!!! WAHAHAHAHA [*Rima and Yukari tapes her mouth for awhile because her useless blabber is getting too personal*]

Photobucket7 – RENA

Rima *yawns*

Yukari – She could’ve done something. I believe she could do better than this one. I pray that she could do better than this one. I hope she would improve next time.

Akira – What’s that knife for? Do schoolgirls these days use that for Home-Economic subjects? Or for self defense? That is cool!

Photobucket8 – RUKIA

RimaShiki, hand me the blood tablets, I’m getting thirsty…

Yukari – She doesn’t look like a model at all on this photograph. She needs more practice. I know that she can do better than this one.

Akira – WTF is she doing there? Look at the camera bitch! Stop raising your arms! It’s getting smelly all over the place!!!!!

And the bottom 2…

Photobucket9 – LOUISE

Rima – Tsundere bitch.

Yukari – I love her hands. They are so graceful. The thing that is a downer for her is her eyes. She should gave more emotions and sensuality to them because she is doing quite a sexy shot.

Akira – She really looks like a man with a long pink wig! Look at that! DIE!!!


Rima – Yuuki, I’m wayy prettier than you.

Yukari – OMG she is such a lackluster. She should have made some facial expressions or at least pose instead of just raing her hand. Goodbye then. We will see you on Vampire Knight Guilty this October!

Akira – Oh Yuuki!!! WAHAHAHAHA!!! You don’t even have any votes at all!!! Poor you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


5 Responses to “Anime’s Next Top Model: 1st Deliberation”

  1. 1 glam.angel July 12, 2008 at 11:33 am

    I LOVE the judges!!! Especially Death the Kid! Lol…

  2. 2 issa-sa July 12, 2008 at 12:31 pm

    LOL, that was effing hilarious (putting Akira in the Janice Dickinson role, priceless XD). I didn’t even remember Yuuki’s picture, so no surprise she gets the axe *yawns* (Though I wish Louise got sent ‘home’… Can we vote AGAINST characters next round? XD)

  3. 3 blissmo July 12, 2008 at 1:14 pm

    I cannot believe Kallen is NOT on the list ;_____;

  4. 4 metatr0n July 12, 2008 at 1:25 pm

    @issa-sa: I personally don’t like Louise too XD… and that idea of voting AGAINST the contestants is GENIUS!

    @blissmo: oh sorry but Kallen would be a guest judge in one of the next eps…

  5. 5 Shin July 12, 2008 at 1:54 pm

    Lala should get special mention for her fabulous transforming outfit.

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