Anime’s Next Top Model: 2nd Deliberation

Anime’s Next Top Model 02: The Girls Get Wet ELIMINATIONS!

It’s time for another girl to leave! The previous photoshoot is all about summer fun as they posed in their swimsuits. And now all of you have voted, let’s see which one gets the cut.


Let’s first introduce our judges:

First is Rima [Vampire Knight], a vampire who is the most demanded model around; Yukari [Paradise Kiss], a supermodel who was once a wannabe like them; our special guest idiot judge for the week Lala [To-Love-Ru]; and the crazy-sane Akira [Lucky Star], world-known drug addicted, chain smoker Lucky Channel host.

Now it’s time for the call-outs!



Rima – Hot and delicious.

Yukari – Wow, big improvement for Konata here. She proved that she can look sexy no matter what her size and height is. She is also towering with confidence! Good Job!

Lala – Waaah!!! SO MOE!!! Kawaii desu ne!!! Kire Daisuki Otaku Toyota Honda Sushi!!! Tokyo Sega Kyoto!!! Kawaii Kawaii Kawaii!!!

Akira – She looks like a child prostitute.



Rima – It’s awkward. I love it.

Yukari – Another great photograph. Chii makes her awkwardness work in front of the camera! I know that people will love it since it’s cute but I think she needs to work on her poses more so that she could sell the outfit.

Lala – KAWAII!!! That’s soooooooooo totally uber cute to the highest level!!! O MAH MEGAZAWD!!!!

Akira – Lol. She’s drowning. Someone rescue her! Wahahaha!!!



Rima – Is she paralyzed?

Yukari – Not actually the best of the bunch but she could do more better than this one. She has a great body and stature and she should work it more.

Lala – Omg Haruhi!!! I’m a big fan of yours!!! Ur da best!!! Yipee!!! I’ll dance Hare Hare Yukai!!! …Oops, my bra fell off..

Akira – Haruhi looks like her batteries ran out on her vibrator…



Rima – …looks…bloodilicious…

Yukari – This photo is definitely cute! The V-sign makes it even more cuter. Rena is fitting to be a commercial model.

Lala – OMG Rena?! The psychotic killer from HIgurashi???? Wow…

Akira – Does she wear panties? I can’t see anything down there…


5: CC

Rima – Two words: Love handles.

Yukari – I think her pose made her look fat. If she sitted up straight, that would have been more glamorous because she has such a very high profile. Such a disappointment from last week.

Lala – OMG CC!!! I totally love your hair!!! I also tried to dye my hair green by blendering lettuce and cabbages but it is so ineffective!!! I wanna have your hair!!! OMG…

Akira – OMG she should be on a south bitch diet! Oops, mispelled ‘beach’…



Rima I wanna suck her blood.

Yukari When Chii’s ‘awkwardness’ worked on her photo, I think this one didn’t do so. I’m sorry but I think she needs more work to become more comfortable in front of the camera.

Lala – O mah gawd… Rukia from Bleach! I actually don’t like Bleach and Naruto. You know, Naruto is getting all so cliche and boring this days and I prefer watching Soul Eater. Yeah! Soul Eater! I love that show!

Akira – She looks like a first timer prostitute getting all so nervous because she’ll be *censored* by an old pedobear…




Yukari – It’s such a disappointment that she didn’t even participated on the ‘real’ swimsuit photosuit but let’s give her a second chance then… Since she took a great photo last week.

Lala – zzz…Enma…Ai…wahhhh!!!! Don’t kill me!!! No! No! Noooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! …Oh, that was just a dream… OMG I really slept…

Akira – It’s because she’s flat-chested that’s why she doesn’t wear swimsuits… They’ll just loose and drop from her… Wahahahaha!!!!!



8: EVE

Rima What’s with that upside-down head?

Yukari That was actually quite impressive that she has to do that but the photo quality is bad. If the photo quality is bad, it affects the whole package of the picture, including the model.By the way, her photo is fierce!

Lala She looks like someone from my show…

Akira Lol, what the hell is with that upside down head?



Rima – Spoiled bitch.

Yukari – I’m so full of her. She is showing too much attitude outside the camera and she always rants about the shoot. She looks scared or something in this picture. Good thing she’s eliminated.

Lala Come on Louise, don’t be shy because your flat-chested and underdeveloped! You can do it! Look at my boobs *shows it* they were once small too but with a use of *censored* and *censored* regularly, it became like this in an instant! It’s so fun and it feels so good!

Akira – Hahahah! You’re finally eliminated! *Hi-fives issa-sa chan*


5 Responses to “Anime’s Next Top Model: 2nd Deliberation”

  1. 1 issa-sa July 20, 2008 at 6:01 am

    *Hi-five!* Hell YES! God, the judges are becoming bitchier by the episode (or maybe it’s just Akira XD) I LOVE IT!!

  2. 2 glam.angel July 20, 2008 at 11:24 pm

    Lol. The judges are… insane.

  3. 3 fye July 23, 2008 at 5:41 am

    LOLOLOL!!! Akira is a funny biatch, Rima is in character and Lala is disgustingly dumb. Yukari seems to be the only ‘normal’ one on the judges!

  4. 4 sunfire August 27, 2008 at 7:05 pm

    hey this look like like the real show xD lol even the judges…. XD

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