ANTM Cycle 11 Episode 04: You’re Beautiful, Now Change.

Previously on ANTM cycle 11…








Omigod I saw fireworks!!! *BBBLLLLEEAARRRGGGHHH*


I’M NOT A RACIST! Back off [insert skin color] girl!



ANTM Cycle 11 Episode 04 part 1:

This episode is like, one of the most much-awaited episodes in every cycle… MAKEOVERS!!! Every ANTM cycle had some life-changing makeovers and some are drama-worthy. So here are the makeovers of the girls!!!


This is what I’m expecting from Analeigh‘s make-over. She’s bubbly, sweet and cutesy so being blonde really suits her. It also compliments her beautiful eyes which are like sparkling diamonds.


The best makeover of this cycle goes to Brittany hands down. It really suits her well.


Clark looks like imo, a black-haired bwitch. But good thing she gets less bitchy as time goes by or maybe we just all get a bad impression from her…


I like Hannah‘s makeover! She looks richer more high-fashion and modelesque!!! I love it she really looks like a model.


Whoa Isis I like. She is beautiful with longer hair and she REALLY looks like a girl!


One thing I noticed about this shot is that they had photoshopped Joslyn‘s nose to the max! OMG it looks so obvious… It doesn’t look like Joslyn at all…


Every cycle needs a platinum-haired, high fashion barbie doll and Lauren Brie has the crown. Her pose just seems so irritating I can’t stand it so much it’s like she’s doing the Capoeira. Another girl sabotaged by the producers…


Marjorie looks a LOT younger and adorable with darker hair for it highlights more of her facial features. But the thing is, I don’t like her makeover shot. Another girl sabotaged by the producers by choosing a bad photo…


I love McKey‘s makeover. Though she kinda looks like Yoanna (cycle 2) she is very androgynous and intimidating. I love her face and I think any makeover would suit her.


The Sassy Asian girl Sheena gets a brown hair with highlights. Ummm… yeah. I like her pose btw, it’s like she’s floating.


Another girl I’m starting to love, Samantha! Goodbye mall-slash-school girl and hello high fashion! She definitely looks edgy in this Victoria Beckham hair!


What the hell happened to Elina??! A top model first: Orange-y and curly weave. But hell, she WORKED IT OUT on the photos. Fave makeover shot imo. Elina at first was really sad to see htat her makeover is not like what she was expecting but she handled it and took it at a challenge by Tyra.

In my opinion, I also noticed that the strongest girl (by personality) gets the hardest makeover (i.e. Jayda c7, saying ‘bye-bye’ to her long-locked days; Jael c8, causing too much pain after the on-and-off weave fiasco; Bianca c9, not getting any ‘hair’ at all; and  Marvita (previous cycle) getting a mohawk..) and this cycle, it seems to be Elina, I just hope she would do her best and make that ugly thing on her head get outshine by her good photos.

And drumroll please… The group shot of this cycle!!!

My eyes go straightly unto Joslyn’s nose Elina… Oh my god her eyes just pierce into you like daggers… Lauren Brie looks a bit like Caridee; Sheena also looks good and quite stands out, since duh, she’s on the front center… Overall, I don’t like it. Too much flailing hands and it is distracting.

Up next, the girls did a swimsuit photoshoot in Malibu wearing Susan Holmes’ swimwear! Part 2 of the episode 4 post coming up next! [EDIT: Lol I’ll just post it tomorrow… I’m feeling sleepy now *yawns*]

[Credits: Thanks to some antm forums for the lol-worth antm icons seen at the beginning and also thanks to youtube in hq, without you, I can’t get my weekly ANTM delight and the screencaps ^_^]


7 Responses to “ANTM Cycle 11 Episode 04: You’re Beautiful, Now Change.”

  1. 1 biankita September 18, 2008 at 1:58 pm

    you deceived me ;A;

    i thought you posted something for ANIME’s next top model. but to be honest, i lost interest in the show when they came up with project runway. XD your own version of ANTM is waaaaay more entertaining than tyra banks’.

  2. 2 issa-sa September 19, 2008 at 8:53 am

    I never really liked any of the group shots because they’re almost always non-representative of the girls in any way (and they look so sadly composited together. Seriously, they should just hire Shin XD)

  3. 3 katkat September 19, 2008 at 9:23 am

    My top 5 is Hannah, Analeigh, McKey, Sheena and Lauren. I don’t like Elina’s makeover and she acted like a total b*tch when she said htat she hates her own mother…

  4. 4 kanzeon September 19, 2008 at 11:06 am

    @biankita: Thanks for the compliment ^_^. This show is like, as what issa-sa said on her blog, a guilty pleasure for me also and I became really addicted to it.

    @issa-sa: Lol… Shin would be a great addition XD…

    @katkat: I think that’s also mean but I still respect her side of the story.

  5. 5 cali_girl September 21, 2008 at 5:43 am

    I LOVE SAMANTHA!!! She is sooo improving week by week! I hope she wins this! Her hair is so cool also!

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