ANTM Cycle 11 Episode 05: Fierce Eyes

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! As America’s Next Top Model gave a shocker episode… Two girls had been eliminated this week.

The girls did their runway lessons with Miss J then after that, they did a runway challenge featuring one of the most Avant-garde fashion designers of today, Jeremy Scott! The girls thought it was an easy-breezy couture show but NO. They walk with blindfolds on their eyes (Geez ANTM, why can’t you just make the girls do what REAL models do in RL runways???)… Hannah got eliminated in a surprise elimination. It’s kinda sad to see her go since I think she is doing her best on learning how to walk. She also had a doll’s face, which is very much coveted in the fashion industry today.

Joslyn won the challenge because of her energy (but I think Analeigh did better >_>) and wins a editorial shoot wearing the designs of Kira Plastinina. FYI, Kira Plastinina is JUST 15 (I repeat, FIFTEEN) YEARS OLD. Wow… Now I realized I’m useless T.T [EDIT:] But Kira Plastinina = you can do anything you want if you have a VERY rich dad…


I can’t believe I’m saying this but… LOL MR J. LOOKS LIKE HE’S BEEN WORKIN’ OUT!


That’s what I call… FIERCZZZ EYEZZZZ!!!


Tyra’s photo… I think they ran out of water for her because they already used it to the contestants so she just dipped her face on a glass… But still, it’s fierce, what can I say?


Why do Tyra always make this shimmy-twimmy pose at judging panel… WTH.

The photo shoot’s concept this week was very much unique, as the girls pose with their eyes fiercely while half of their face is sunk into the water. I pretty much like the concept and I think it is one of my fave photo shoot so far this cycle. So here are the girls’ photos according to call-out order…


1) CLARK: Wow I love Clark’s skin. She has seductiveness written all over her photo but the rest was plain. She started being bitchy again in this episode so my hate for her goes back again… I love the reflection of her eyes on the water btw.


2) ANALEIGH: Wow Analeigh finally steps up her game! I love this photo! She also did great on their runway challenge this week. I love her walk. Is it just me or do I imagine her being signed up for Victoria’s Secret Angels?


3) LAUREN BRIE: Lauren Brie’s photo is absolute perfection. Devilish, fierce and wickedly symmetrical (except for the make-up)! She’s so creative on her poses! Gosh she’s always on top of the pack!


4) SHEENA: Sheena’s Asian eyes were fierce! Plus I love the make-up. It adds to the effect. She looks like an alligator/slash/vulture waiting for her prey.


5) MCKEY: McKey bored me… Sorry… I hope she would take risks and do something far more impressive.


6) MARJORIE: OMG LE MARJORIE’S PHOTO IS DISGUSTINGLY WICKED!!! She looks like she’s headless and she’s holding her decapitated head swimming in her pool of blood! DISGUSTINGLY GREAT!!! It should’ve been called earlier than Sheena and McKey.


7) JOSLYN: Joslyn did bad this week. Too bad she can’t swim or else she would have done a good job…


8 ) ELINA: Such a disappointment for Elina. After leading the pack last week, her whole photoshoot this week was a lackluster. I was really expecting more from here since I thought she would be very fierce as what she should be but no. Anyway, I think it doesn’t look bad at all.


9) SAMANTHA: I love this girl but she gave a total disrespect to the fashion designer. I don’t know if she did lift up her skirt accidentally but it was very disturbing to see her walk. In this photo, I love the hands but the eyes didn’t caught me at all.


10) ISIS – ELIMINATED: I’m sorry but Isis gave the worst shot of the week. I think she lost her ‘BAM!’ factor and she becomes boring as the competition continues. She could’ve done more with that awesome hair and make-up. I love Isis because she had been nice and it’s kinda sad to see her go.

Personal Ranking:

  1. Lauren Brie – LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!
  2. Analeigh
  3. Marjorie – I think she’ll bring up some drama next week!
  4. Clark
  5. Samantha
  6. Sheena
  7. McKey
  8. Elina
  9. Joslyn
  10. Isis

Questions by Erin from TopModelGossip:

Was their walking class in the bowling alley really all that helpful? >> I think so. Runways can be slippery sometimes…

What did you think of the girls being blindfolded on the runway? >> It’s a challenge so they should face it. But I think it’s kinda scary… Imagine if you fell…

Was the mid-episode elimination of Hannah fair? >> Nope. She could’ve improved some more. I felt bad for her… But this is ANTM, so expect the unexpected.

What did you think of the photo shoot concept? >> I like the concept. It’s kinda interesting, especially that they made it eerie. I like it.

What did you think of Tyra’s explanation of the concept? >> It’s all about Tyra… Too much credit… and do we care about what she did on her vacation?

Whose photo was the best? The worst? >> Lauren Brie has the best imo. Sorry but Isis has the worst.

Should Sam have been in the bottom two? >> Photo-wise, no. But for what she did on the runway, yes.

[Credits: for the questions, Youtube and tausii (did I spelled that right?) for the video… Thanks ^_^!]


9 Responses to “ANTM Cycle 11 Episode 05: Fierce Eyes”

  1. 1 issa-sa September 25, 2008 at 12:30 pm

    I didn’t really get the headless comment till I saw Marjorie’s pic here, lol (she’s still my fave, I have no idea what the girls are trying to do to her next week though XD). Poor Isis really, goes to show that strength of character doesn’t always show on superficial photos 😛

  2. 2 kanzeon September 25, 2008 at 12:57 pm

    @issa-sa: Don’t worry because Le Marjorie will stay cute and adorable as always even though the girls will hate on her… I think Analeigh will be nice to her next week btw(because she’s Miss Congeniality…)

  3. 3 Che Che September 25, 2008 at 1:12 pm

    Sorry 2 C Isis go also but her look was too dull, same thousand-yard stare on each photo. Honestly she should have been eliminated in Episode 3 but they kept her to appease the LGBT folks and curious gawkers. But her lack of range and shrinking violet approach ultimately did her in…Hannah was only eliminated so Isis would be in the Top 10 and not eliminated “alone” on this episode. I predict a precipitous drop in ratings with her departure – some out of protest and some because she didn’t deliver on the drama factor.

    Actually, this season is dull in general – photo shoots, challenges, judges and most importantly the aspiring models. Miss J’s judging antics, Tyra’s preening and the b!tch factor among the models is getting OLD. Their introduction of TWO designers in one episode is too little, too late. Merge the show with Stylista. And get stylists for fat people – 2/3 to 3/4 of America is fat and needs better looking clothes!

  4. 4 kanzeon September 25, 2008 at 1:23 pm

    @Che Che: Yeah, I love Isis but always had that ‘sleepy’ eyes in her photos ever since. I also thought that Isis was kept for ratings boost but I think it’ll also drop now since she’s gone and maybe some of the lgbt community on America will stop watching this show already (btw, I think she had been an inspiration to them).

  5. 5 mercedes September 25, 2008 at 1:36 pm

    Talk about the devil, LAUREN BRIE IS FIERCE!!!

  6. 6 kanzeon September 26, 2008 at 12:05 pm

    @mercedes: Couldn’t agree with you more. In my own honest opinion, that was the best of the bunch ^_^

  7. 8 kanzeon September 26, 2008 at 2:01 pm

    @tyler: I love Isis ^_^ Hope she gets a bright future in the fashion industry and don’t get discriminated.

  8. 9 Mishka September 27, 2008 at 10:18 am

    Wow Lauren Brie produced three great photos in a row! She was robbed by the first call outs again! Anyway, she doesn’t need antm because there is a guaranteed future for her in the fashion industry ^^!!!

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