ANTM Cycle 11: 07 – The Fiercee Awards


God! Their photoshoot ideas are getting umm… wtf-material every minute!! Kudos to Tyra for making up a LOL-worthy editorial photo shoot about Awards Night Snafus.

Behind the cameras…


Oh no you hooch! Don’t touch my puppies!!!


1: MARJORIE [Using the toilet while in a gown] – I LOVE MARJORIE THIS WEEK! She is just so, friggin’ adorable! She won the challenge by doing their signature poses and she did her ‘Hunchback of Notre Dame’ pose (which hurts my back everytime I watch her doing it). She used her awkwardness as an advantage and voila! She produced a good photo.


2: ANALEIGH [Bitchy interviewer] – WHOA! ANALEIGH IS A COMPETITOR!!! She had been called second to the highest for the past 3 weeks and she kept on improving and improving! Good for her! Plus is it just me or does she have the weirdest edit ever on ANTM history? She is like, the narrator of the show. She has the most screentime even though she wouldn’t be eliminated/bottom 2 (it’s a trend I also noticed on ANTM: Girls edited with the most screentime on an episode goes to bottom 2/gets the cut/or if neither of this happens, she wins)… I think it means that there is something up with this… Hmmm… Whatever that is I love this girl and this is my personal fave.


3: MCKEY [Award-Loser] – AWWW… I love the eyes. It just makes me wanna pity her (or laugh at her loss biatchously…is that even a word?). The whole shot was… meh… lame but the close up was stunning. Though I would also love if she gets some screentime because along with Laurenbrie, she gets the no-personality edit… Which means d.a.n.g.e.r O_O…


4: SAMANTHA [Cue card reader blinded by the spotlight] – UGH. Worst of the week. Elina, Joslyn, Sheena and even Laurenbrie should’ve been called earlier than her (lol it means she need to GTFO)… Mike Rosenthal’s GENIUS photography saved her… Anyone can do that pose HSamantha!


5: ELINA [Over-emotional award winner] – Mehh… When I saw the preview, I was like excited for her because I thought that she would produce a stunning photo but she disappointed me again….. It is stunning for the overall shot and the light hits her face, but close-up was…ugh…


6: JOSLYN [‘Same Gown’ Disaster] – OMG I LOVE LAURENBRIE ON THIS PHOTO! Woot! She outshines Joslyn! Just kidding XD… I have nothing to say about this one except for the reason why is she still her? God! Brittany and HEYikyesha was better than her… I guess Tyra is still keeping her because she’s the only black girl in the competition…


7: SHEENA [Somebody stepped on her gown] – “OOooh you’re giving a Shanghai Look on the eyes…” whatever (i can’t understand the rest what Ms. J said but it cracked me up XD…) And god THIS GIRL CAN HAVE A ROLE ON BIHADA ICHIZOKU!!!


8: LAURENBRIE [Tripping towards the stage] – The photo was funny and she really caught up the theme, which are Awards Night Snafus… It sucks that Laurenbrie got eliminated over one single photo and Tyra pulled off the ‘no personality’ card on her… Which was terrible and her elimination reminded me of Jenah’s and Katarzyna’s… I love the way she is RAGING when she got eliminated, saying to Tyra that she has some personality and she got friends lol and got edited away but it was fun to see her fight back on why she got eliminated… But it really proves again that ANTM is way more of a personality show than a modelling competition. I assure Laurenbrie would get a big future on the fashion industry and she could possibly even jump on to the ELITE wagon already like the other non-winners.

Btw, if you put up Sheena and Laurenbrie’s close-ups together, you will see one, FIERCE back-to-back staring contest!

My personal ranking:

  1. Marjoire – LOL I Love it!
  2. Analeigh – Ties up with Marj! …And they’re buds too ^_^
  3. McKey
  4. Joslyn
  5. Sheena
  6. LaurenBrie
  7. Elina
  8. Samantha

5 Responses to “ANTM Cycle 11: 07 – The Fiercee Awards”

  1. 1 metallique October 9, 2008 at 7:53 am

    I don’t know why you loved McKey’s photo that much because IMO, I found it horrible… She’s very boring. I hope she gets eliminated next.

  2. 2 heather_86 October 9, 2008 at 10:07 am

    SCREW TYRA!!! SCREW ANTM!!! What the hell is wrong on this show that they come up with the idea of eliminating Lauren Brie??? What the fuck. FUKC THIS GOD@MN SHOW!!! I totally agree with you. ANTM is wrong about this decision because she’ll be BIG soon and she’ll slap her success into Tyra’s fat ass.

  3. 3 kanzeon October 9, 2008 at 10:54 am

    @metallique: I only like McKey in this episode and on the first episode only. And btw, I think McKey would go quite far in the competition.

    @heather_86: Calm down ^_^ and I’m really sure that Laurenbrie would be one of the most successful girls of this cycle, or maybe in the ANTM history ^_^. She really has talent. Too bad ANTM is a reality show that focuses more on personality than talent (well, that’s what I see). I can picture her doing ads for Dior or walking for Versace right now.

  4. 4 Antmgal00 October 9, 2008 at 12:25 pm

    Joslyn should be the one who should get eliminated. She is only in there because she’s the only black girl remaining. TYRA IS A RACIST!

    Anyway, I love Analeigh though and I also noticed that she gets the most screentime. I hope she wins ^_^

  5. 5 kanzeon October 10, 2008 at 8:39 am

    @Antmgal00: Yay for Analeigh!

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