Shikabane Hime Aka – 01


I guess this is the sequel for the regular Shikabane Hime manga series, entitled Shikabane Hime Aka. It stars a undead girl, packed along with big submachine guns by her side to kick zombie butt, Makina Hoshimura.

Makina shares a contract with monk Keisei, and she works along with the group Kougonshuu to battle the undead. It is her duty to kill 108 corpses so that she could be sent to heaven (but aren’t corpses dead?). The main male protagonist of the series is Ouri Kagami, who was just moving out from the orphanage he grew up on. Makina’s ‘target’ for this episode was a creature who’s responsible for ‘harem’ murders. He lives with several women and the next thing people knew was that they had been missing or found dead.


First Impressions…

I don’t think that the first episode impressed me that much to make me blog this one. Such a disappointment because at first, this one’s almost topping my watch priority list before. I don’t like the character animation frankly. The comedy they put up was lame, the creepy-factor was almost not convincing.


I also feel a hint romance starting to bloom later on the show between the main lead guy and the Zombie Princess. It can somehow hook me up along to see some character development as the story progresses but I don’t know because all I’m expecting to this anime is action, gore, violence and more action, just like the manga.


The action part was a bit fast but I still like it. The ED theme was the type that I’ll just definitely fast-forward on or skip because the animation bored me to death and I’m not a fan of the song. The girls with guns thing going on is cool and I love it but I don’t know why XD. I just love feisty girls kicking monster-butt.






Overall, I guess I’ll just check out the second episode and hope that it would impress me. Also, sorry for the short post and sounding too boring, sad, or lifeless on this post today because this day was just as horrible. One of my friends admitted that she’s a bi and my other friends are now keeping a distance on her. Me, I’m quite torn on what I’ll do. Besides that, some of my friends fought over a school project they’re working on… It’s just a difficult day and I couldn’t do anything but just to pray for everything to be solved up soon. Another thing that saddens me is that my favorite (Lauren Brie) from America’s Next Top Model got eliminated T.T… I hope my melancholy today would pass away as I make my other posts for Ga-Rei zero (it was an awesome show btw), ef and other stuff…


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