Manga Digest: Flashbacks, lies, rejection and SEBASTIAN-SAMA!

Here’s some manga digest for y’all. This post contains short ramblings on the latest chapters of Vampire Knight, Rabbit Doubt, Kimi no Iru Machi and Kuroshitsuji. WARNING because it might contai spoilers!!! Now let’s start with Vampire Knight chapter 44:



Meh… A flashback chapter… Full of Zero’s emo angst… I guess that it would lead to Zero not killing Yuuki after all.




Whoa! A lot of revelations happened in this chapter asides from Mitsuki blabbering about her plans of killing all the liars. I’m also proven wrong with my theory of having two rabbits in the game because Mitsuki’s father is in the hospital! Also, my theory of Mitsuki faking Yuu’s death with a double was also proven wrong because the body she’s pulling from the previous chapter was Hajime himself! And it turns out that he still have some breath left. He explains that he was the one who hid Haruka’s headless body and he gives Yuu an evidence. Will Yuu take it before it’s too late? I’m so excited for the next chapter!!!




Hmmm… I had almost dropped this one but I guess I can’t, especially this time where thing are just beginning to heat up! After Haruto being dumped, Eba convince him that at least they could still be friends because there’s still a chance of romance to bloom. I think Eba is planning something with that one because that plot is just too common for a great author to do. Either that or she is just hiding her feelings for Haruto. I just love Eba’s personality and I’m rooting for her this time.




OMG Kuroshitsuji is definitely the bomb. It mixes drama, violence and gore well with comedy, yaoi baits and fan-service! It was just genius. Sebastian can’t get anymore hotter (see the pic above for some proof). I’m so speechless with this one because the latest chapters were just shocking. Yet, I don’t know what’s happening on the anime now because THERE’S A LACK OF FANSUBBERS AND I’M RAGING ABOUT THAT!!! but anyway, I guess it would be awesome. I also wonder how would it be animated because there’s too much blood and gore!!!!!!


1 Response to “Manga Digest: Flashbacks, lies, rejection and SEBASTIAN-SAMA!”

  1. 1 blitzruo October 30, 2008 at 3:38 pm

    Doubt is just unpredictable and awesome! I’m cheering on for Hajime and I hope he lives!

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