Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae: 06 – OMG I got a boo-boo!

First yaoi, then yuri?!


Episode 06: My Teacher

A girl alone in the streets at midnight is contacting the Hotline to Hell via-cellphone. Kikuri then appears and instead of the usual straw doll, she got to receive an eyeball. It turns out that the girl, whose named as Serizawa Yuu, has a grudge on Ichimoku Ren.


During their conversation, Ren felt flattered and his narcissism goes on for he thought that the grudge for him was created because of the girl was madly in love with him. It was also explained that Ai can cancel the grudges if it was her apprentices that concerns it.

Back to school while Sone Anna-sensei (a.k.a Hone Onna) is holding her gym classes and we get to know that she’s popular, even among with the girls. A student named Morohashi Kira turns out to be one, for she seems to be kissing her ass every single minute while expressing her admiration for her. Asides from Akie and Yuzuki, Yuu noticed it too. After school, Hone Onna, along with the other correspondents, find Ren crouching in a depressed state…


It turns out that the girl Serizawa Yuu, is not admiring Ren, for she is admiring Hone Onna. And she contacted the Hotline to Hell for she sees Ren as an obstacle for her and Hone to be close. Ren found this out when he peeked at Yuu checking out her cellphone, and much to his dismay, his narcissism blew him up. (Don’t worry Ren co’z I’m here! >.<)

Hone Onna, with the help of Yamawaro, attempts to get to know Yuu better by Yamawaro controlling the leaves to make Yuu fall over her bike. I think that Yamawaro has some ninjitsu skills or something, for he does the “hand-ninja-thingy churva symbol” when transforming and he controls leaves/wind. After that, Sone Anna-sensei (a.k.a Hone Onna) used that ‘accident’ as an ooportunity to have a chat with Yuu.


After putting on her bone printed band-aid to Yuu’s knee, she started the chat about if she had someone whom she admires, and then Yuu said that she has, though she’s just very gloomy and nobody will like her. She also said that the person she likes happen to have a narcisstic lover already, referring to Ichimoku Ren. After the chat, Sone Anna already had the impression that Yuu is a shy and timid girl, who’s very nice.

Upon arriving home, Yuu bid farewell to her Sone Anna-sensei. On her room, the atmosphere changed quickly as Yuu immediately took off her band-aid and stared at it omniously like a stalker would, accompanied by the happy-scary smile.


The next day at school, Kira boasts on her band-aid which she received from Sone Anna-sensei. However, she also saw the exact same band-aid on Yuu’s neck. Because of extreme jealousy, Kira dragged out Yuu out of class and talked about her band-aid.

Kira interrogates Yuu about why did she had the same band-aid as hers and she forcefully takes it off Yuu, seeing Sona Anna’s sign of affection- a love mark. Yuu begged Kira not to tell everyone about it but Kira walked away, putting on a devious smile and that night, she contacts the Hotline to Hell.


Enmai explains the contract to Kira and then leaves her. Yuzuki saw the vision again. BTW to explain stuff, the kiss mark on Yuu’s neck was a fake. It is by the blood in her band-aid, where was placed in Yuu’s knee before. Anyway back on school, Kira is searching for her shoes and she found it in one of the lockers, where it was sank in a basin.


Kira had thought that it was Yuu all right behind this so when Yuu entered the room, she immediately accused her. Yuu admitted that it’s her fault, and invented a story about it was Sone Anna who tasked her to do that for she finds her annoying. Yuu also said that she IS Sone Anna’s favorite student, which finally pushed Kira’s limit and made her pull the string when Yuu left the room.


Welcome to Hell-o-lympics! With your host, Ichi Ren!!!


Some Ai-service.


Hone is perrtty in here.


‘o’ = Oh God look at Ai’s face XD… You’ll never see that in a million years.


LOL when Ai pushed down Yamawaro and the Bride of Chuckie! Go Enma Ai!!!!!!


Yamawaro’s cute here… Except that he has that ugly Bride of Chuckie climbing atop of him…


Kikuri remains to be… useless.


Enma Ai looks hurt.






Enma Ai messing up her lines is just priceless.


Ippen, Shinde Miru?


Fall to hell, bitch.


Enma Ai then ferries Yuu to Hell, with her stomach ache continuing to attack her. Yuu saw Sone Anna standing, which she finally realizes that she isn’t normal at all. Back at school, Kira is all over her girl-crush on Sone Anna-sensei, because she’s so in love right now with the school janitor, Wanyuudo.

When bishie sparkles get SO wrong…


Next: Ryuji from ToraDora! sends someone to hell.

Kan chats..

Whoa! This episode is really hilarious and entertaining. Not only seeing so much of Ren’s narcissism, Kikuri’s uselessness, Hone Onna’s reactions, and Wanyuudo’s bishie sparkle is entertaining. On the ridiculous punishment part, we get to see a more humane side of Enma Ai. Herself being hurt and messing up her lines makes me wonder if it’s just part of the punishment or did she really got hurt. Will Yuzuki would be feeling this too? Very interesting indeed. This episode had just been more of fan-service again and I wonder on when will it get more serious this time and when would this sequel focus on Yuzuki…


2 Responses to “Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae: 06 – OMG I got a boo-boo!”

  1. 1 Baka-Raptor November 14, 2008 at 12:21 pm

    “A middle school girl would fall in love with a trash can if it looked at her the right way.” – Baka-Raptor

  2. 2 kanzeon November 14, 2008 at 1:20 pm

    @Baka-Raptor: Ok, Dr. Luvah-Raptor.

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