ef ~a tale of melodies~ [05]: utter


Uhh… yeah, ef.


We get to see several characters back from the first season in this episode. First off: Kyousuke, the Film Research Club President. He’s talking with his ex-girlfriend about Miyuki.


The animation in this snow scene was just well done. Kyousuke seems to never get rid of his camera though XD. I also like cameras.


What I also like about this show is their use of visual symbolism. In this situation, Kei and Chihiro seems to be separated into a divided earth and to their own worlds. This is because of the tragedy that happened before on the first season.


Now we get to the arc of Yuu and Yuuko on this one. Flashbacks are frequented.


Yuu seems to be surprised on seeing Yuuko…


…all bruised and her dress tattered because of being bullied again.


Yuuko’s older brother seems to not care about his sister even though she is getting bullied. Hmm… This guy sure is up to something, and I feel that this guy is up to no good.


I just love vector art. This seems to be picturing how Yuuko is being treated on to her school.


My favorite character Nagi is drawing herself in nude again, that’s why she’s my favorite character.


Nagi nude drawing of herself in red cross symbolizes something… but my head will ache if I think about it XD…


Yuu and Yuuko going back from school.


Masks seems to be one of the major symbolisms in this show.


Hold ’em tight!

Kei and Chihiro meet again for the first time in five years, they make amends with the past, and reflect on their futures with those they love.


Mizuki admits to Nagi that she wants to be strong like the two but Nagi said that Kuze’s first love is her. I don’t know if I would believe Nagi but I think she’s just lying to keep Mizuki away from Kuze.


This scene just gave me more headaches. Yuuko was asked by his brother if she didn’t showed up her arm on Yuu. It seems like Yuuko is a battered sister? She seems to hide the results of her brother’s mistreatments to her body.

Tsui chats…

Now I know the reason why kanzeon dropped this show, she seems to have difficulties writing about it XD. Me too, I’ve experienced the same. I guess I’ll be starting to have this format on blogging ef to be different from kanzeon’s 6pics-text-6pics format. I’ll just follow the 6pic-text-6pic format in some other shows (Yeah, I know you don’t know what I’m talking about XDDDDD).

Moving on with ef, this episode had just gave a hell lotta depth to the story and trust me, the next episode will be traumatizing. The next episode is where you finally gave up ef on blogging right, kan? It will reveal the truth behind Yuuko and it will definitely give you a shock. Honestly, I don’t if I’m following this show because of the story or because of the art direction, which I seem to be appreciating. But when it comes to picking routes, I’d go for Yuuko’s route 😛


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