ef ~a tale of melodies~ [06] – flection


Emotional and mental trainwreck depicted artistically… The best way to describe this episode, and ef basically… but I must admit that it’s spectacular. Please don’t read this if you want to get psychologically punished.

Well, this episode is very hard to translate into words. It is intense, and to be honest, more intense than ef ~a tale of melodies~’s “most intense” moment they could ever put up (remember that cellphone scene with 99 messages?). Ef ~a tale of melodies~ this time, has a more disturbing one, but I must say that it’s well done. What I also appreciated in this episode (and what I appreciate overall on ef) is that the art direction accompanying the series was just brilliant. Great job for SHAFT.


Yuuko strips down in the church. Yes, I mean INSIDE the church.


Yuuko was revelead to only have her own facade to show in her classmates. Meaning that her cheerful expression was so not the real her.


Talk about facade, Yuuko can be compared to a person wearing a mask. She is not showing the real her. Even to Yuu, it seems that he’s also confused if she’s really showing the ‘real’ her in front of him or not.


This picture of an adult and child holding hands means that this child really trusts the adult. But the question is, is the adult can really be trusted? That’s the first big mistake Yuuko did, but unfortunately, she’s still young enough and innocent enough to understand things.


This scene made me dizzy…


Nagi becomes heartbroken…


Kuze plays the violin for Yuu and Yuuko…


Yuuko can’t stand how beautiful Kuze played the violin and runned upstairs to the school rooftop. Yuu chases after her, and he finally profess his full devotion to her, thus leaving Yuuko revealing what her true self is to Yuu.


And now we get into the partly schizophrenic monologue of Yuuko… And things had just got more WTF insane. Somehow it reminded me of the crazier times of Evangelion, where religion became somehow twisted and the character REALLY had some mental and emotional issues.


Yuuko finally revealed her true self to Yuu by taking off every piece of clothing she had. The reason why she is dressed heavily is that because she is hiding how she was torn and tattered in flesh. Also, the reason why she’s asking Yuu to become her brother is because she’ll know that she’d stay beautiful always, but since Yuu didn’t cared about her back then, this what happened.


Amamiya, her adoptive brother, chose her in replacement of his dead sister which died in an earthquake. But since he realized that Yuuko’s not his real sister, he throw things at her and hurts her.

But there is a one single night where Yuuko had been fully destroyed by her brother. On Christmas Eve, his brother, took her virginity and ruined her as a whole. When Yuuko thought that her first time would be with someone she loved, with someone that would treat her as a princess.


Yuu, being horrified by how Yuuko had been psychologically attacking him, suggested that the both of them could leave the past and just start for a new, brighter future.


But… her monologue continues on, audio background music being distorted and disturbing yet in a striking fashion style of imagery is used. Yuuko sounds more and more insane, with all the paranoia inside her being released out. I think kanzeon really felt uncomfortable watching this scene because of the intensity, and I guess it can be nightmare-ly for her tastes XD haha.


This is definitely one of the most intense scenes of this year, just like last year in ef ~a tale of memories~’ SMS scene:


Tsui chats…

This episode is just truly dark. It’s quite funny because even I was left upset and my good mood had begone after watching this episode. This is something I’ll never forget in a long time. The twisted display, the unending speech, it has left me exhausted. Ef once again did a great job this season.

Btw, I felt that Yuuko is torturing Yuu mentally and emotionally for what have he done in their childhood days. It’s like payback for Yuuko to share the darkness of what she had been to on Yuu. I think that they’re just being cruel to each other. And I have a bad feeling that this story would end up tragically.

Lol kanzeon, why the hell did you hand me over this show?!


2 Responses to “ef ~a tale of melodies~ [06] – flection”

  1. 1 Kitsune November 18, 2008 at 1:24 am

    Oh wow, this episode featured some nice art 🙂

  2. 2 tsuiteru November 18, 2008 at 7:27 am

    @Kitsune: Yes. Kudos to SHAFT. I would have posted more but it took so much time XD

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