Kannagi: 07 – Best sh*t that was held in a closet.

Kanzeon and Tsuiteru: Awesome filler episode with Nagi locking herself up in the closet. You thought that an episode with not too much Nagi can be boring? Then THINK AGAIN.


While doing his homework, Jin refrained for a while and rushed in to his closet. There he yells at Nagi (who’s inside there) to come out already, but Nagi seems to prefer being inside the closet. Even when Jin forcefully opens it, she just shuts it. It’s all because she’s so mad at Jin for what happened to them last night. Nagi said that it’s alright for her to stay inside for she is armed with food and Calpis Water, which seems to be Jin’s.

Tsugumi then visits Jin for his weekly food supplies: fried eggs and vegetables. Since Tsugumi was there, Jin asked Tsugumi for help regarding Nagi. Instead of making Nagi get out of that closet, Tsugumi slided into Jin instead, saying why did he did such a thing to that poor girl last night at the bathroom. Tsugumi scolds Jin, while they don’t know that Nagi steals another bottle of Calpis Water again XP.

Jin tries to call Akiba for some help but as they waited, there comes Zange. Zange noticed that Nagi’s not there because of the quiet atmosphere. Zange also thought of how can she help make Nagi get out of that closet, of course, by using some of her “tricks”.


Tsui: Do you do this too kanz?

Kan: Shut your f*cking mouth, you perverted a**hole!!!!

Tsui: Oh look! An Aya Hirano Playboya parody!


Tsui: Whoa she’s riding it!


Tsui: And it’s sweating…


Tsui: LMAO at Tsugumi’s reaction XD!!!

Kan: Zange is a slu+.


Nagi realized that her sister had come too, but she still seems not  to think about getting out of that closet still. Even how how much seducing attempts Zange tried on Nagi, Nagi assured herself that she won’t fall for it. So, Zange just continued doing “fun” and “embarassing” things to Jin but it only ended up with Tsugumi breaking in, only to be seen Jin in a heavy nosebleeding situation.

After that, it seems like the all-stars had been going to Jin’s house one-by-one. First, Kimura and Shino. They came in unexpectedly because Kimura is going to return an ero-game to Akiba. Tsugumi blushed when she saw it, thus being labeled as the “Too-Shy-Shy-Girl” by Kimura.

Daitetsu also came in hurriedly, talking about the crazy misunderstanding that’s been happening. Anyway, Jin wishes Akiba would appear immediately. More people means more space being preoccupied and it’s becoming hotter, this is what’s Zange’s complaining about. I lol’d hot Tsugumi voiced herself up and faced the cameramen, reacting that what she have done was mean XD.

Out of the blue, Nagi started barging and freaking out inside of the closet, only to be stopped in silence for a while. Jin goes on to check out Nagi by opening the closet but a cockroach went out and explored around everyone, while they’re freaking out and me and kanzeon were laughing while watching this scene XD. It ended up landing on a shocked Daitetsu’s face and escaped its way out after that.


Tsui: I wish I was a cockroach… It’s nice to see a good view

Kan: Yeah, and so that I could squish you.


Kan: O_O That cockroach scene was just effing hilarious XD!!! OMG this screencap and his face were just priceless XD!!! I totally can’t stop LMAO.

Tsui: Eeeeeeeeek! Ehem.


Kan: Akiba’s finally here to save the day!!!!!!! Kyaa~!!!


Kan: Think all what you can think about this scene now!

Tsui: Ugh. 12 seconds of Jin-Akiba yaoi. And you really have to intentionally put those up?


Kan: DVD? VCR? Ahh… Blu-Ray…


After waiting for a hundred years for Akiba to come, the moment the Gods had been waiting for had just arrived. The doorbell rings and Jin runs towards Akiba in the most awkward, yet comedic way (complete with shoujo-ish sparkles and a spinning-hug – see above.). Before the yaoi fangirls would start rejoicing, Daitetsu asked what was really up.

So we get to the real reason why Nagi is locking herself up to the closet. When Nagi was taking a bath, Jin had discovered that her favorite show was airing. Realizing that Nagi loves this show so much, He decided to record it but instead, he overwrites it on another tape that’s not blank, Nagi happens to record another show in that tape, which is important to her.

It’s all thanks to Akiba who brought a copy of that anime but it wasn’t a beta, it’s a blu-ray disc. But it’s never too late because Akiba pulls out a tape in his bag and everyone brought it to Nagi. Much to their dismay, Nagi just threw the tape right back off because it isn’t a VCR, it’s a Beta. When everyone asked whatis a Beta, Akiba responded seriously that “It’s a Sony!”.




The president ate Melamine!


And it’s up to Mahou Shoujo Loliko to save the president!

But nevertheless, she is just an ordinary girl on day.


Her everyday tasks includes going to school…


…And getting ran over by a lorry truck…


Yes, this is a part of her daily routine.


Kan chats…

First of all, I want to thank Tsuiteru a job for a well done on our very first collabo-episodic post. I really had fun watching this episode and doing this post together with you so thanks ^_^. I’ll admit that he did the whole summary and my parts were only in the commentaries with him.

This is an absolutely entertaining episode even thought the plot and setting was just shallow. Which show could ever pull off such quality of comedy and hilarity when it’s all focused on a closet?! Even though we doesn’t seem to see much of Nagi, her seiyuu did an excellent job of voicing her as usual. I’m really loving this series so much and I seem to be enjoying this series so much. Plus, Akiba-kun is just epic awesome.

This is the best and funniest filler episode I’ve ever seen in a while, IMO.

Tsui chats…

This is a brilliantly-executed episode, kudos to A-1’s anything goes idea of making this filler episode. Now that I’ve heard that this is an anime-original episode, which didn’t happen in the actual manga, it amazed me even more. The director is a total genius and thanks to him, we were laughing for every 5 minutes of the show and it certainly drove us nuts XD. Akiba’s “It’s a Sony!” punchline was one of the funniest sh*t that I’ve ever heard for awhile. THIS EPISODE IS FUKKEN WIN!

I really had fun time with this. Hope you like our coverage of Kannagi!


10 Responses to “Kannagi: 07 – Best sh*t that was held in a closet.”

  1. 1 tsuiteru November 18, 2008 at 1:19 pm

    @kanzeon: Oww, I didn’t noticed that… No need to thank me ‘_^. I had fun 🙂

  2. 2 omisyth November 18, 2008 at 7:42 pm

    I have to say, tag-team style is great, you two off-set each other perfectly.

    As for the episode, most hilarious of the series yet. I like comedy more than I do harem, so this was amazing to me, so much randomness (and let’s not forget the innuendo). I f there were more episodes like this, I would probably love the series even more than I do at the moment, howver, idol battlez is fine too.

  3. 3 zzeroparticle November 18, 2008 at 11:35 pm

    I think Kure-nai’s filler episode still ranks at the top of my list as far as filler eps go, but Kannagi’s will certainly be up there because of the laughs it delivers. I also found the “befriending” trope in the Loliko segment to be highly amusing if only because I find “befriending” to be a hilarious concept.

  4. 4 CinderBird November 19, 2008 at 1:50 am

    Yikee! I really like your partnership <3!!! Looking forward for more posts like this XDD!!!

    I’ve been laughing throughout the whole post! Kanzoen’s “Zange is a slu+” comment just made m lmao out of the randomness… I don’t know why, Maybe because I hate Zange too :P.

    Plus the cockroach commentary!!! That was really funny XD. And lol at how Tsuiteru made the “yaoi fangirl” directed to Kanzeon XD! I want to congratulate the both of you for a perfect tag-team post! Haha the BETA motivational poster was epic :P.

    As for this episode, I must say that Kannagi really continues to be one of the most entertaining anime of 2008. This episode alone is pure genius.

  5. 5 kanzeon November 19, 2008 at 3:05 am

    @tsuiteru: Ok lang un XD

    @omisyth: This episode is great right? Just gotta love the randomness ^_^.

    @zzeroparticle: Kure-nai filler is also awesome. Lol the loliko segment is also something that I’m looking forward to XD.

    @CinderBird: Yay for another Zange hate! Ugh, I’m really not a yaoi fangirl (I just read it, but not addicted to it 😦 ) Stupid Tsui for putting that one up…

  6. 6 ffviiknight November 19, 2008 at 3:53 pm

    Awww… you need to have that screenshot of Loliko’s bread-(was)-in-mouth floating to the ground in perfect condition… WITH SPARKLES!!!

  7. 7 tanaguchi November 20, 2008 at 2:17 pm

    Tsugumi is the most awesome Kannagi character currently, followed by Akiba.

  8. 8 kanzeon November 20, 2008 at 2:56 pm

    @ffviiknight: Oww totally forgot to put that one up XD… That scene was funny too

    @tanaguchi: They’re both awesome! I think Nagi’s awesome too ^_^

  9. 9 da-ze November 22, 2008 at 5:12 am

    uh… loliko-chan was hit by a lorry, not a bus.

  10. 10 tsuiteru November 23, 2008 at 4:19 am

    @da-ze: Lol sorry… I’m so dumb for keeping this post 5 days now and still didn’t noticed the mistake XD

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