ANTM Cycle 11: FINALE – And The Winner Is…


Another season of America’s Next Top Model is at close! The final three girls that are left on the running to be the next America’s Next Top Model are:

McKey – a strong yet feminine beauty from Lake Forest, Illinois.

Analeigh – the pretty and peace-loving girl from Sacramento, California.

Samantha – the adorable and athletic airhead from Woodland Hills California.


First, the girls has to do a CoverGirl commercial in English… and in Dutch (OMG schwiisshhhplleakken… That’s hard!!!) !!! The commercial was filmed on a boat, and Mr. Jay said that the winner will have her print-ad up in Times Square, New York! Then Whitney arrives (Oh no please don’t let the boat sink…) and gives a piece of advice to the finalists. She shows off a new lip gloss (GOD SHE’S SO FAKE, I still hate her…) blahblahblah and now we head over to their commercials… The plan goes the three of them getting to kiss a hot guy.

Now at shooting their comercials.. Sam is up first, and ROFLMAO at her saying that if she kissed that guy, he might get herpes XD… Mr. Jay thought that she ain’t giving enough energy. McKey doesn’t do her lines well but I think she did the best of all. OMG I teared up for Analeigh T.T she totally froze up and forgot all her lines T.T… Poor girl… NNOOOOOO!!! Afterwards, they did a photoshoot now for the print-ad. OMG McKey was beautiful (I officially now have a girl-crush on her ^_^). Analeigh too. Sam’s smile looks too forced…

Now at the judging panel. Sam’s first, and the judges even thought that her smile looks too forced, in the commercial, she looks distracted by herself. Analeigh’s next… OMG her commercial was ssooooooo horrible. Horrible that I wanna cry now T.T… Serious, bloody trainwreck……. Such a disappointment because she did the best in the previous CoverGirl commercial. Her photo is stunning but Paulina (please STFU Paulina!) said that she’s like an actress. McKey’s last and she blew me away with her photo. Her commercial is obviously the best of the bunch, and she really memorized the Dutch script. She looks beautiful with her mouth closed and her teeth not showing.

Now it’s time for the deliberation!!! Here are the call-outs:


1: MCKEY – OMG I’m so having a girl-crush on her!!! I loved how she shut off her mouth and didn’t made her teeth show up!!! Just incredibly stunning. I also love her hair in here!!!


2: SAM – WTFWTFWTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’M SO SHOCKED when she was saved. Nooooooooo Analeigh T.T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ELIMINATED: ANALEIGH – SUPER RANT MODE: My mouth was so wide open :O when Tyra announced that Sam will be walking and Analeigh will be leaving. What the hell WHY did they only judged this by the commercial?!?!?!?! Obviously Analeigh is doing the current best and she only got eliminated by this?!… I’m rooting for her to win. ANTM sucks again… At least she left the competition with her head held up high, saying that she had no regrets for she did her best. Good Luck Analeigh!!!!!!!!!!!!!


After Analeigh being eliminated, the Final 2 Sam and McKey, head on for a Seventeen Magazine Cover shoot.  Both seem to impress the Seventeen lady. After that, the girls hop on to head on their RUNWAY FINALE!!!!!!!!

Addy Van Den Krommenacker is the designer for this season’s fashion show and the girls head on to a Candy Land/ Dr. Seuss-themed runway. The runway is cute pink PLUS there are hills, curves and stairs.

Now on to the fashion show!!! Both girls say how they want this so badly. Tyra also said that they should make their momma proud! Miss Jay comes out holding a giant pink balloon (fierce walk!). Then Whitney walks (ugh, lame…). McKey is up and she’s looking very serious. I really like her determination to win this. Sam’s walk is improved too. But she is shaking and it’s so obvious that she’s nervous. The second round shows McKey walking in a cute blue dress and she really looked stunning! The both of them walked side-by-side. On the finale, there’s clapping well, duh… McKey really did well!!! I love the gowns btw.

The girls arrived at panel wearing the third gowns they wore back at the fashion show. They are intoduced to the judges and to the prizes waiting for them. After deliberating and giving critiques to their runway walks, the judges also went back in time to their previous photoshoots. McKey rocked the Pirates photoshoot while Sam had her great Calvin Klein-esque Simplistic shot as their strongest shots.

Now the moment we’ve all been waiting for… WHO THE HELL WILL BE AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL??? The judges had reached a decision… and America’s Next Top Model is…



Post-finale Impressions…

McKey proves that girls who are muscular and who have strong features can model too ^_^. Though she was almost “not there”, she stunned the judges ever since the Top 6. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting her to win from the start, as expected again from ANTM, at least she justified her win and I think she really did great. But at least, Tyra didn’t pulled off the personality card to be in the winner though. My issue is on Analeigh though… I really hope the best for her. She really has that Victoria’s Secret Angels thing going in her and she has that “wind in her hair”. She is so fierce and I’m excited on how she’ll do post-show. Sam is alright, she can play volleyball again XD.

Overall, this cycle produced great modelesque girls, a great example was LaurenBrie. Hannah is good too. Isis is also great, and I love the personality of Sheena. Marjorie was ver adorable and I love how Elina stands up for herself. The results was definitely better than the previous two cycles (ugh, Saleisha and Whitney >_>). But entertainment-wise, this season had been boring, no diva-bitches, no fierce fights, no super funny moments… Anyway, I hope my next favorite would win next cycle!!!!!

(P.S. – Lol at how Tyra Banks looked sooooooooooooo Photoshopped in the last picture. She didn’t even efforted to have a picture with the winner, just like the previous cycles T.T)


3 Responses to “ANTM Cycle 11: FINALE – And The Winner Is…”

  1. 1 thrisha November 20, 2008 at 12:19 pm

    thnx so much for your review! i’m also shocked when analeigh ended up like Jenah from cycle 9, where she’s the best girl, but she got third. but i’m quite satisfied with mckey winning because she’s still better than samantha 🙂

  2. 2 thepoop November 20, 2008 at 2:03 pm

    woo hoo! For once my favorite actually wins instead of just the runner -up or not even making it at all… of course the one time I stop watching with 4 eps left to go…

  3. 3 kanzeon November 20, 2008 at 2:57 pm

    @thrisha: Analeigh really got Jenah’d

    @thepoop: You can catch the episodes you missed on youtube ^_^

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