Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae: 13 – What the HELL?!

A heart-wrenching episode and a turning point to the series.


“Rocomon Doro”, or the Six-Script Lantern Festival, is the local festival of the village. Back in the early days, it is said that the town where Yuzuki’s in is the town closest to Hell. And the river flowing towards a shrine is used when people float lanterns on them, where the names of the people they want to forget are put in.

Meanwhile, the current client seems to be a woman named Azusa, who is showing a grudge against a policeman. Hence, calling him a hypocrite. Ichimoku Ren and Yamawaro said that she’s the current client too. Back at Akie’s house, it was revealed that the policeman was actually Akie’s father, Norisha. Akie tells about her father that her current tutor was great, named Aketagawa.


The other day, Aketagawa invites Akie to visit her paralyzed father. Aketagawa said that he was a taxi driver who got beaten up, and she blames everything to the police, who didn’t do any investigation at all. Aketagawa finally said to Akie that the police she’s talking about was her father.

At home, Akie’s father was asking her on the long look she’s carrying and Akie suddenly demands to live in the mansion they have away from her father. While Yuzuki is helping Akie out on unpacking in the mansion, Aketagawa shows up and introduces herself to Yuzuki, while Yuzuki was disturbed by a vision again with Aketagawa Azusa and Enma Ai making a contact in the Perpetual Twilight.


And the night of the Six-Script Lantern Festival had finally arrived. Yuzuki and Akie are writing names of people they want to forget on their lanterns. Yuzuki wrote “Jigoku Shoujo”, because she wants her to get out of her life while Akie wrote her father but changed her mind instantly and went back, leaving Yuzuki to spend the festival all alone.

Then, the huge red gate on the river glistens, and Yuzuki heads on towards it to investigate. As she goes nearer the gate, the fog thickens more. Yuzuki saw a small boat with a cherry in it, and coincidentally crosses path with the “Jigoku Shoujo”-named lantern which Yuzuki made a while ago. Yuzuki then goes near the gate and sees a statue of her, then she’s interrupted by the school nurse, named Shibata (TSUGUMI?). However, the statue and Shibata-sensei had disappeared, and Yuzuki immediately remembered Akie so she rushed on to the mansion.


Enma Ai’s “cherry”.


Shibata… Tsugumi-sensei O.O?



At Akie’s mansion, she’s with her lesbian tutor Aketagawa seducing her asking her to take a bath. Akie knew that Aketagawa called a man to come in and rape Akie while she’s in the bathroom. While Akie is shouting, the bitch is just enjoying to much on grapes but it didn’t take too long for Akie’s father and Yuzuki to arrive.


Akie was devastated, but she showed her gratitude to Yuzuki and her father for coming in to the rescue. Meanwhile, Azusa ran off and attempted to pull the string but Yuzuki wrestles her away and got the straw doll so the bitch just ran off. It was revealed that Azusa Aketagawa was actually Azusa Mayama, who’s almost supposed to send Akie’s father to Hell.

After that despicable woman fled, Akie was still in state of shock and still can’t believe what’s happening and the tutor she trusted was just planning ou on her father. Later, Yuzuki is walking alone in misery nearby the river again but a certain glimmer shone upon her, which made Enma Ai emerge out upon her and finally separate from her. Enma Ai said “The rest is all up for you to decide.” and the straw doll in Yuzuki’s hands turned into ashes.



Enma Ai climbs up to the gate shrine and is welcomed back by her companions (but I noticed that Yamawaro’s not in there… Hmmm). Meanwhile, Yuzuki rans off in joy, believing that this would be the final episode of the season and things would all become happily-ever-after end of all the misery she encountered.

Yuzuki then runs towards her best friend Akie, and while Akie is reaching and running towards her also, she suddenly vanishes…



It was actually Azusa who contacted Jigoku Tsuushin again and pulled the string for Akie to go to Hell. Yuzuki was really clueless and hopeless, for her visions are gone now, with Enma Ai gone off her body, and all she could do is to cry in the rain.

The following morning, Yuzuki was still not over with what happened last night, and says that the tormening to her by the Jigoku Shoujo continues on and a sudden bell ring could be heard when she passes on a new girl.

Next: I don’t know if I’m more excited to see Enma Ai’s butt more than the new girl next ep…


Tsui asks in a fanboy rant mode…

Why do they made Akie die??? Why do always my favorite characters in a certain series always get a tragic end? Why didn’t Azusa rot in hell instead? Why did Enma Ai got separated with Yuzuki? Why did Yuzuki and Akie’s father didn’t called more cops instead? Why is there a new girl in this season? WWWAAAIII??? Why am I at the edge of my seat for this show? Why is Tsugumi returning? Why is Enma Ai still alive? What about the statue? Why Enma Ai’s cherry? Why are the latest episodes so good that I can’t stop watching this? Why isn’t kanzeon returning yet lol? Why am I asking questions? WAAAIIIII??????????????


3 Responses to “Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae: 13 – What the HELL?!”

  1. 1 kanzeon January 7, 2009 at 4:24 am

    Whoa I’ve been spoiled XD!
    Good thing the images are gone so it would still be worth watching.
    …Akie T.T

  2. 2 Quetta February 4, 2009 at 3:28 am

    LOL…you are asking too much question.
    well, whenever it’s something related to hell & enma ai’s job, there’s very little justice. what happen to akie is unfair, but it’s always happening in ai’s job. that’s why i think she closed her heart & became numb & expressionless, or SHE WOULD NEVER GET HER JOB DONE! i think actually it’s difficult for her too.

  3. 3 Bill Bartmann September 4, 2009 at 12:45 am

    Cool site, love the info.

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