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Kanz: Alright! Meeting is in session to discuss and inform everyone about the upcoming Spring season!

Tsui: Uhh, right… But isn’t it too early for that?

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Kanz: AGAIN due to severe boredom and plenty of time but no money anymore for hanging out and no lessons to study yet, Tsui and I are randomly playing with my G-Pen at my house. I drew a small little creature inspired from Digimon/Pokemon/Monster Rancher/whatever the hell it came from and this random drawing turned out to be extremely cute…

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Thank you very much for 100k hits!

This blog had finally reached the 100,000-hit milestone (105! Thank you very much for the visits, comments, and the support.


For those who were still unaware, we had moved in to

Again, thank you very much for your support here ^^


Signing off…


Princess K and servant Tsui officially declares our move to the KOKIDO Castle!

This is something that I’ve thought of a while back, getting a new host. Now after moments of coding and CSS-work, Metanorn is now definitely better, faster, and FIERCER than ever! I’m so proud and I wanna say a huge thank you to 7 for inviting me at Kokidokom and providing free hosting for me. He’s also searching for more bloggers to be a part of the family, so for those who are interested to have more freedom and fun experiencing blogging, feel free to contact him or visit the irc channel.

I personally wanna invite some of my blogroll buddies to “Kombine” with me, Amayalee, Gargron, and of course 7 there on the fun ^_^.

This blog won’t be updated anymore but would still be maintained for linking purposes and such.

Kanzeon and Tsuiteru signing off at! Yep yep!

…And you’re invited to the Grand Opening of the NEW Metanorn!!!

Quick Bits [01/08/09]

Tsui here again being a loyal slave and giving you some small quick bits today about stuff happening on the previous days 🙂

Munch on some quick bits…

Anime’s Next Top Model C2: 04 – The Girls in Freezing Point


And now it’s down to eight! The competition gets hotter and hotter! Oh wait! What if we change the word “hotter” to “cooler”? That’s how would this episode be as the girls will get under sub-zero as frigid damsels!

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Anime’s Next Top Model C2: 3rd Elimination

fadeout3It had been a long seasonal break for AnimeNTM this cycle, but I guess it’s all needed by the girls, because the competition gets more fierce, as we all get closer and closer on who would win Anime’s Next Top Model Cycle 2!

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