1st Anniversary!

I started METANORN back then on May 2008, but it got kinda deleted, so now I re-started the blog September. And now HOORAY because METANORN turns one year old! Haha~ Quite annoying that I can call this one “resurrection” than birthday actually XD. But I’m very happy that the site lasted a year already.

Now that this site is already moved to Kokidokom, cheers for more years to come in there!! Thank you everyone!!!


Summer Anime 2009!!!


We already posted the Summer line-up in the new METANORN, and I guess I’ll just share it in here also for those who are still aren’t aware. Here’s a taste of what’s in store this Summer!!!


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Final Fantasy Versus 13 Updates



First Digest [August 2008]

First look at Noctis and Stella [October 2008]

In-game screens and more information. [October 2008]

DKΣ3713 TRAILER [December 2008]

NEW LEAKED CUT SCENE with Noctis and Stella. [April 2009 *new*]

Spring First Impressions ~Round-up


We round up our Spring first impressions!!!

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K-On!: 01 – We know it’s good.


Kanz: Kanzie here at Tsui’s house making this tag team K-On! post! We were actually really fighting over on which of us will blog this one because we both really like it so much. But it ended up calling for a tag-team commentary instead. So bear with our behavior again!!!

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500th Post!!!


Tsui: Isn’t it really fast? Lol, I hardly even noticed it. It’s all because of Kanzie’s hard work. She made a total of 464 posts out of this, while since I’m just her new slave co-author helping her out here, made a humiliating total of… 33 single posts (since November) -_-… *gets thrown by bricks and eggs* And wow it’s March already, how many months had it been being a slave here, I might be a masochist now. Cheers for a masochist!!! So let’s take a look back on the 500 babies (beat that, Octomom! XDDD) So enough joking, I present to you this blog’s founder, as she’ll do… something for this 500th post (hey, I was just asked to give an introduction -_-;;)

Kanz: “Babies” your ass, perverted scumbag. Thank you Tsui ^^!!! So ehem… *gets script*

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Here’s the preview and commentary of upcoming anime here this Spring on my new blog. Click the link below:




[:They Love Them:]